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[audio]hpr1505 :: 28 - LibreOffice Calc - Fills, an Introduction - Ahuka
Summary: This episode looks at the filling rows and columns using click-and-drag.Series: LibreOfficeSource: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1505 One of the key techniques in using a spreadsheet is to master the art of fills, which lets you fill a column or a row with data without having to type in every cell individually. And this technique requires that there be a predictable pattern to the contents of each cell as you fill them...
Keywords: LibreOffice; Calc; Spreadsheet; fills
Downloads: 6
[audio]hpr1475 :: 25 - LibreOffice Calc What Is A Spreadsheet - Ahuka
Summary: Series: LibreOfficeSource: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1475LibreOffice Calc: What is a Spreadsheet? There are different ways to answer this question. Functionally, spreadsheets are a tool for mathematical calculations, but have branched out into related areas like data analysis. Some people even use them as a quick-and-dirty database tool. If you are in a financial profession of some kind you probably live in spreadsheets all day...
Keywords: LibreOffice; Calc; Spreadsheet
Downloads: 1
[audio]hpr1485 :: 26 - LibreOffice Calc Cells - Ahuka
Summary: This episode looks at the fundamental unit of a spreadsheet, the cell, and introduces addressing andSeries: LibreOfficeSource: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1485LibreOffice Calc: Cells All spreadsheets have the same basic structure, a table of rows and columns. Columns are headed up A, B, C, and so on. After Z, the next column is AA, then AB, AC, AD, and so on. The maximum number of columns is 1024...
Keywords: LibreOffice; Calc; Spreadsheet
Downloads: 5
[audio]hpr1495 :: 27 - LibreOffice Calc - Calculations and the Formula Bar - Ahuka
Summary: This episode looks at the creating and using formulas in spreadsheets.Series: LibreOfficeSource: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1495Since the main purpose of a spreadsheet is to perform calculations it is appropriate that we consider just how this is done. In general, a cell of a spreadsheet can contain one of three things: A number Text A formula All calculations are done using formulas...
Keywords: LibreOffice; Calc; Spreadsheet; formulas
Downloads: 2
[audio]hpr1575 :: 35 - LibreOffice Calc - Introduction to Functions - Ahuka
Summary: Introduction to working with functions in LibreOffice CalcSeries: LibreOfficeSource: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1575In this episode we review what a function is, discuss the different types of functions available in LibreOffice, discuss the concept of arguments in mathematics, and present a general process for using functions in Calc. Links: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/function http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_of_a_function http://www.ahuka.com/?page_id=7...
Keywords: Calc; Spreadsheet; function
Downloads: 5
[movies]Spreadsheets - Roderick Hames
Keywords: Video; tutorials; spreadsheet; microsoft; internet
Downloads: 61
[movies]Normalizing Microarray Data With Microsoft Excel - Josh McAdams
A multi-part screencast showing how to normalize multiple microarray datasets using Microsoft Excel.
Keywords: Microarray; Dataset; Microsoft; Excel; Spreadsheet
Downloads: 148
[audio]hpr1565 :: 34 - LibreOffice Calc - More on Chart Editing - Ahuka
Summary: Editing charts, CalcSeries: LibreOfficeSource: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1565 In this episode we review the options for editing your chart, do a brief recap of the object model, and create an example of a chart with a secondary Y-axis. Links: http://www.ahuka.com/?attachment_id=804 http://www.ahuka.com/?attachment_id=814 http://www.ahuka.com/?page_id=809
Keywords: LibreOffice; Calc; Spreadsheet; chart; graph
Downloads: 9
[audio]hpr1555 :: 33 - LibreOffice Calc - Creating Charts - Ahuka
Summary: Series: LibreOfficeSource: http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1555 In creating a chart or graph you have a number of options that can make your chart easier to read and understand. In this episode we look at these options and explain what each of them does. http://www.ahuka.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Savings-Model.ods http://www.ahuka.com/?attachment_id=804 http://www.ahuka.com/?page_id=780
Keywords: LibreOffice; Calc; Spreadsheet; chart; graph
Downloads: 7
[audio]Perlcast 001 - Josh McAdams
The first Perlcast covers news in Perl for the first half of March 2005. This is followed by a discussion of creating and editing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in Perl.
Keywords: Perl; Programming; Software; Microsoft; Excel; Spreadsheet
Downloads: 298
[texts]Trayvon Martin 911 for Mac
Trayvon Martin case 911 calls spreadsheet. There were seven 911 callers on Sunday, February 26, 2012, the night Trayvon Martin was shot. Here they are in columns with a time scale. The calls are listed according to their connection time. You can compare them and see what was going on with all the calls simultaneously. In Macintosh CSV format; so you will be able to move columns and edit them.
Keywords: Trayvon Martin; George Zimmerman; 911 calls; spreadsheet
Downloads: 19
[texts]Trayvon Martin 911 spreadsheet
Trayvon Martin case 911 calls spreadsheet. There were seven 911 callers on Sunday, February 26, 2012, the night Trayvon Martin was shot. Here they are in columns with a time scale. The calls are listed according to their connection time. You can compare them and see what was going on with all the calls simultaneously. In Excel format; so you will be able to move columns and edit them.
Keywords: Trayvon Martin; George Zimmerman; 911 calls; spreadsheet
Downloads: 76
[movies]tweakers / 2420 / History of Excel - deel 2
Geschiedenis van Microsofts spreadsheet-applicatie.
Keywords: tweakers; 2420; Geschiedenis van Microsofts spreadsheet-applicatie
Downloads: 2
[movies]tweakers / 2418 / History of Excel - deel 1
Geschiedenis van Microsofts spreadsheet-applicatie.
Keywords: tweakers; 2418; Geschiedenis van Microsofts spreadsheet-applicatie
Downloads: 3
[unknown]Usenet groups within comp.apps from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "comp.apps", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: comp.apps.spreadsheet; comp.apps.spreadsheets
Downloads: 55
[texts]Computation of Fresnel integrals (Volume 102) - Mielenz, KD
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: spreadsheet computations; computation; Fresnel integrals; series expansions
Downloads: 153
[software]Lotus Smartsuite 97 - Various Lang - Windows - IBM
Lotus SmartSuite 97English, French, German, Italian, SpanishFor WindowsISO Image
Keywords: Lotus; SmartSuite; Office Suite; Spreadsheet; Word Processor
Downloads: 498
[software]VisiCalc (1979) (Software Arts)
VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet computer program, originally released for the Apple II. It is often considered the application that turned the microcomputer from a hobby for computer enthusiasts into a serious business tool. VisiCalc sold over 700,000 copies in six years. Conceived by Dan Bricklin, refined by Bob Frankston, developed by their company Software Arts, and distributed by Personal Software in 1979 (later named VisiCorp) for the Apple II computer, it propelled the Apple from being ...
Keywords: Visicalc; Spreadsheet; Apple II; Dan Bricklin
Downloads: 416,294
[software]GS-Calc - http://www.jps-development.com
If you're familiar with, or use Excel, you'll find GS-Calc similar. It has over 150 mathematical, financial and logical functions. Use and make 2D or 3D graphs, and work with an unlimited number of worksheets per document.
Keywords: GS-Calc; Business; Office; Spreadsheets; excel; microsoft excel; spreadsheet
Downloads: 152
[software]SIMAGIS - Smart Imaging Spreadsheet - http://simagis.com/simagis
This is a table-based visual constructor for automating multi-step image processing operations. It automatically saves processing steps in the image processing table, allowing you to save actions and work results as ready-to-use templates and create a library of customizable solutions. The program includes imaging functions for visual effects, image tuning, transforming, improving quality, measuring and creating reports...
Keywords: SIMAGIS - Smart Imaging Spreadsheet; Multimedia; Image tools; Image editors; simagis
Downloads: 68
[audio]This Working Droid Episode 68 Google Drive Templates - pateln01, HeadphonesNeil
This Working DroidEpisode 68Google Drive Templateshttp://www.geek-io.com/thisworkingdroid/
Keywords: podcast; google drive; template; document; spreadsheet; invoice; inventory
Downloads: 39
[texts]Commodore Horizons Issue 17

Keywords: commodore; epson; software; practifile; procticalc; classified; scunner; spreadsheet; super; database
Downloads: 118
[texts]Longview - Prosoft
Longview from Prosoft. Digitized by anonymous.
Keywords: dotwriter; spreadsheet; print; nuaber; longview; rotated; dmp; longvibw; dots; rows
Downloads: 43
[audio]Being productive with office - Podcast Season 1 Episode 3
We discuss features and of office software that you you could use to be more productive.
Keywords: office; google docs; microsoft; powerpoint; word; excel; spreadsheet; presentation
Downloads: 23
[texts]Jupiter Ace Spreadsheet Manual (1982)(Boldfield)
Jupiter Ace Spreadsheet Manual (1982)(Boldfield)
Keywords: spreadsheet; formula; program; box; pen; columns; cursor; rows; filename; formulae
Downloads: 24
[movies]Protect Excel Spreadsheet - Excel Software
Protect and license a user editable Excel spreadsheet that can be delivered as a protected Mac or Windows application.
Keywords: protect; excel; spreadsheet; encrypt; macro protect; activate; license; workbook
Downloads: 124
[texts]Your 64 Magazine Issue 08
Issue #8 of Your 64 magazine from April 1985. Raid on Bungling Bay, Staff of Karnath, Who Dares Wins, Routine Adventures (Eureka and Return to Eden), Action Replay, 3D Maze (program listing), Musical Matters (programming), Machine Code Tutor, Makin' Music (SX64 competition), Spot the Difference (Commodore peripherals competition), Y64 Programmer of the Year, Open Acces (News, Screenplay, Hard Lines, Compunet Corner), Core Material (Missives, Classified Info, Subscriptions, Back Issues).
Keywords: commodore; epson; software; practifile; practicalc; gorlitz; misellanead; printers; spreadsheet; arcade
Downloads: 168
[texts]Microsoft Excel 2003 Tips'N Tricks - Prophet Technologies Pty Ltd
This work is a collection of tips and tricks that may make using Microsoft Excel 2003 a little easier and interesting to use. This work describes how to easily create a series of numbers, view all the formulas on a worksheet, highlight a cell based on special conditions, use conditional (IF) formulas, count cells that meet your criteria, sum cells that meet only your criteria, hide worksheets, lookup answer in another table, freeze headings, and colour code worksheet tabs.
Keywords: Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Excel 2003; Tips'N Tricks; spreadsheet
Downloads: 4,305 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(7 reviews)
[texts]Longview (19xx)(Prosoft)
Longview (19xx)(Prosoft)
Keywords: dotwriter; spreadsheet; longview; dmp; rotated; rows; print; visicalc; inch; dots
Downloads: 25
[texts]corvus :: concept :: 7100-03148 Logicalc User Guide Sep83
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.corvus :: concept :: 7100-03148 Logicalc User Guide Sep83
Keywords: cell; spreadsheet; press; cursor; logicalc; numeric; command; cells; data; column; top left; spreadsheet cursor; command window; function key; logicalc files; decimal precision; entire spreadsheet; cell location; linear regression; numeric data
Downloads: 31
[texts]Computer News PC - Volume 4 No. 3 (1996-05)(Construction News Publishing)(US)
Computer News PC - Volume 4 No. 3 (1996-05)(Construction News Publishing)(US)
Keywords: alite; gem; program; spreadsheet; computer; disk; software; windows; printer; feb; computer news; tail pwr; powerful spreadsheet; otter tail; premium quality; money order; bar cursor; spreadsheet program; number displayed; main menu
Downloads: 64
[texts]Sideways User Manual
Sideways User Manual
Keywords: sideways; print; spreadsheet; file; program; funk; printing; printer; visicalc; slot; print file; spreadsheet program; option settings; text file; spreadsheet print; printing width; interface card; print files; form size; vertical form
Downloads: 18
[audio]This Working Droid Episode 01 Basic Etiquette - Neil, pateln01, HeadphonesNeil, Headphones
This Working DroidEpisode 01Basic Etiquettehttp://thisworkingdroid.blogspot.com/
Keywords: android; e-mail; etiquette; excel; label; microsoft; phone; podcast; spreadsheet; tabs
Downloads: 33
[audio]This Working Droid Episode 08 Key Shortcuts - HeadphonesNeil, Headphones, pateln01
This Working DroidEpisode 08Key Shortcutshttp://thisworkingdroid.blogspot.com/
Keywords: copy; cut; essential; find; keywords document; paste; podcast; search; shortcuts; spreadsheet; tasks; website
Downloads: 26
[audio]Edgewater PPS webinar 121008
Edgewater and Microsoft spreadsheet planning with PPS webinar, December 10, 2008
Keywords: Edgewater_Technology; Edgewater; Microsoft; PPS; PerformancePoint_server; spreadsheet; planning; budgeting; analysis
Downloads: 5,689
[audio]This Working Droid Episode 12 Spreadsheet Auto Filters - Neil, pateln01, HeadphonesNeil, Headphones
This Working DroidEpisode 12Spreadsheet Auto Filtershttp://thisworkingdroid.blogspot.com/
Keywords: podcast; spreadsheet; microsoft; excel; openoffice; libreoffice; compatability; sort; filter; auto; ascending; descending
Downloads: 26
[audio]This Working Droid Episode 45 Google Drive Forms - pateln01, HeadphonesNeil
This Working DroidEpisode 45Google Drive Formshttp://www.geek-io.com/thisworkingdroid/
Keywords: checkbox; fillable; form; google drive; multiple choice; optional; podcast; questionnaire; questions; required; responses; spreadsheet; theme
Downloads: 1
[audio]This Working Droid Episode 61 Workout Tracking - pateln01, HeadphonesNeil
This Working DroidEpisode 61Workout Trackinghttp://www.geek-io.com/thisworkingdroid/
Keywords: podcast; workout; tracking; google drive; spreadsheet; excel; date; time; consistency; relevant; chart; graph
Downloads: 34
[audio]Microsoft Office Vs Google Docs - Podcast Season 1 Episode 2
We discuss which of these apps you should be using.
Keywords: office; google docs; microsoft; word; powerpoint; excel; spreadsheet; document; presentation; hikani.com
Downloads: 30
A short demo of the four main programs in the LibreOffice suite; Writer, Draw, Impress and Calc showing their use in writing documents, creating signs and posters, creating slide-shows and making spreadsheets.    The programs are being run on Ubuntu 13.04 64bit, using an 'AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 440 Processor × 3'    These are source files recorded for use in a short documentary explaining open source, more details and early alpha versions here - https://vimeo.com/70138172all trademarks, lo...
Keywords: LibreOffice; Word Processor; Spreadsheet; Office Software; Open Source Software; FLOSS; Ubuntu
Downloads: 53
[texts]Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: Building a Beacon for 2401 MHz
Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: Building a Beacon for 2401 MHz
Keywords: beacon; telemetry; antenna; fans; mhz; beacons; frequency; temperature; indicates; male; web site; excel spreadsheet
Downloads: 20
[audio]This Working Droid Episode 108 Basic Bills Management - pateln01, HeadphonesNeil
This Working DroidEpisode 108Basic Bills Managementhttp://www.geek-io.com/
Keywords: podcast; accounting; bills; terms; net; excel; iworks; sheets; google drive; software; spreadsheet; billing; cycle; invoice
Downloads: 26
[movies]How to Protect Excel Spreadsheet to Sell Tutorial - Excel Software
Protect an Excel spreadsheet with a Trial, Product or Subscription license that is ready to sell.  Require computer unique activation, then present a flexible user interface to edit and manage protected data files.
Keywords: protect; excel; drm; activation; license; sell spreadsheet; protect workbook; tutorial; Microsoft Excel
Downloads: 119
[texts]AppleWorks Manual: appleworks reference manual 1983 part 10
AppleWorks Manual: appleworks reference manual 1983 part 10
Keywords: cell; spreadsheet; cells; appleworks; rows; columns; cursor; values; column; press; spreadsheet standard; cell layouts; standard values; titles area; movement keystrokes; moved columns; format description; fixed number; description example; cursor movement
Downloads: 7
[texts]AppleWorks Manual: appleworks reference manual 1983 part 9
AppleWorks Manual: appleworks reference manual 1983 part 9
Keywords: spreadsheet; cell; values; appleworks; cursor; standard; type; spreadsheets; decimal; cells; standard values; spreadsheet standard; cell indicator; winter grades; values determine; type entry; net personal; minus sign; standard formats; personal worth
Downloads: 8
[texts]AppleWorks Manual: appleworks reference manual 1983 part 11
AppleWorks Manual: appleworks reference manual 1983 part 11
Keywords: spreadsheet; clipboard; printer; appleworks; processor; paste; move; file; printing; data; data base; word processor; printer options; processor document; margin options; bottom margin; spreadsheet file; base file; printer option; base report
Downloads: 7
[texts]Open Apple-Vol 2 No 04-MAY 1986
Open Apple-Vol 2 No 04-MAY 1986
Keywords: apple; spreadsheet; prodos; dos; appleworks; baud; disk; data; power; file; cubic yards; power supply; system utilities; quit code; power supplies; baud modems; uncle dos; string storage; spreadsheet development; south pad
Downloads: 14
[texts]Amstrad NC200 Notebook Computer (1993)(Amstrad)
Amstrad NC200 Notebook Computer (1993)(Amstrad)
Keywords: command; press; notebook; text; cell; spreadsheet; cursor; format; data; type; word processor; notebook spreadsheet; address book; mail merge; floppy disk; var equal; serial terminal; dark band; sets var; copy command
Downloads: 233
[texts]NZ Bits and Bytes Issue 5-02
In Volume 5, Issue 2 along with letters, the bookclub and classifieds you will find... News, gossip and snippits from the industry A review of the TeleCAT-286 A review of the Toshiba T3100 Muti-User: UNIX A review of Startstuff's pop-up desk tools A review of Cambridge Spreadsheet Analyst A review of GEOS on the Commodore 64 Micros vs mainframes A review of the Thron-EMI 9800 tape drive CAD/CAM - Where has it been and where is it going? A review of the Amiga Draw package for CAD Roundup of print...
Keywords: ibm; disk; software; bytes; program; computer; graphics; print; nlq; printer; cut sheet; cambridge spreadsheet; dot matrix; machine code; print speed; spreadsheet analyst; tape drive; matrix pins; hard disk; thorn emi
Downloads: 212
[software]BillingTracker Pro - http://www.BillingTracker.com
This is time billing and small business accounting software designed for freelancers, independent contractors and other small businesses that provide services to companies. It manages hours worked by clients and by project. It tracks outstanding debts and notifies you when they are late, tracks expenses, includes an automated timer, allows you to bill by the hour, flat rate, retainer or contingency, generates advanced reports and produces professional invoices...
Keywords: BillingTracker Pro; Business; Management; Time and resource management; BUSINESS; BILLING; ACCOUNTING; LEGAL; TIME; OFFICE; EXCEL; TIMER; SPREADSHEET; BillingTracker Pro
Downloads: 48
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